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A Response from Public Works

Alderman Griffin contacted us regarding some questions the neighborhood asked at the Annual Meeting.

  1. Chatham Road  ditch and the drainage issues – We will be reviewing the issue with our engineering staff and discussing scheduling of the work.  It is currently on our project list.
  2. Westchester sewer work impact on Lincolnshire – There will be no direct impact from the Westchester project.  The project will help address the sanitary sewer overflow issues that have been experienced in the Westchester subdivision.   Crawford Murphy Tilley  (CMT) is the firm  handling the Westchester sewer project.
  3. Timeline for upgrades for Chatham road to the south – There is no funding at this time for upgrades to Chatham road to the south.
  4. Timing of Lights on Chatham Road – Our traffic engineer has begun assessing the lights and the traffic in that area.   After some further monitoring she will make a recommendation for any adjustments that may assist with traffic flow.
  5. Sidewalks – With funding increase over the next few years we will be significantly increasing our repairs.  We will be reviewing the sidewalks in the Lincolnshire neighborhood and plan to make necessary repairs as funding becomes available.

Pease do not hesitate to call me directly if you have any other issues or concerns.  I can be reached at 789-2255.

Mark Mahoney – Public Works

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